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Computer Science Professors Awarded $1.2M from Department of Homeland Security

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Professors Shrideep Pallickara (PI), Sangmi Pallickara (Co-PI), and Jay Breidt (Statistics) have been awarded $1.2M from the Department of Homeland Security's Long Range Program. The project Big Data Analytics of Epidemic Outbreaks will help planning and preparedness for outbreaks by using voluminous epidemic simulation data to glean insights and knowledge that are used to derive relationships between scenarios and outcomes. Rather than orchestrate simulations based on the scenario specified by a planner, this research will "forecast" outcomes that rely on analytics performed on historical data. A key goal of this research is to ensure that these forecasts are highly accurate and also done in real time.

Department Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

The department is pleased to welcome Dr. Cathie Olschanowsky as a new Special Assistant Professor. This fall, we also welcome two new Student Staff Assistants. Samantha "Scooby" Katz is a sophomore Civil Engineering major from Vail, CO. Xiuyuan "Ben" Yu is a senior Finance and Statistics major from Zhejiang, China. Scooby and Ben are working in our accounting office.

Cathie Olschanowsky
Scooby Katz
Ben Yu
Cathe Olschanowsky
Scooby Katz
Ben Yu

Researchers Awarded $600K NSF Grant to Develop Construction GHG Assessment Tools


Researchers at Colorado State University have been awarded a $600,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop measurement and assessment tools to be integrated with existing architectural design software and building material databases to provide real-time, “on-the-fly” carbon footprint metrics. The metrics system will allow the architecture, engineering and construction industries to create an integrated design for a built environment with net-zero greenhouse gases. The project has been endorsed by the American Institute of Architects, the US Green Building Council, the National Institute for Building Science, the Rocky Mountain Institute and Architecture 2030.

The concept for a Carbon Footprint Metric (CFM) system for the built environment was developed as part of a Global Challenges Research Team in the interdisciplinary School of Global Environmental Sustainability, or SoGES, here at CSU. The interdisciplinary research team includes professors Robert France and Chuck Anderson from the Department of Computer Science, and faculty researchers and students from the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Department of Construction Management, Department of Mechanical Engineering, CSU Facilities Management, Institute for the Built Environment, and the National Renewal Energy Laboratory.

You may read the CSU press release here: CSU Press Release

You may read full articles here:

Environmental Leader News

Spring/Summer 2013 Graduate Degrees Awarded

The Computer Science Department congratulates the following students on the completion of their graduate degrees in Spring/Summer 2013:

Doctor of Philosophy

Aritra Bandyopadhyay, Mitigating the Effect of Coincidentally Correct Test Cases in Spectrum-based Fault Localization.

Xing Xie, Multilevel Secure Data Stream Management.

Andrew I. Stone, Separating Implementation Concerns in Semiregular Grids for Stencil Computations.

Ramadan F Abdunabi, An Access Control Framework for Mobile Applications.

Stephen V. O'Hara, Scalable Learning of Actions From Unlabeled Videos.

Tomofumi Yuki, Beyond Shared Memory Loop Parallelism in the Polyhedral Model.

Master of Science

Hao Zhang, Maggie Wigness, Jason D. Bartlett

Master of Computer Science

Sethu Radhakrishnan, Isac O. Kalloor, James I. Anderson, Kevin P. Archer, Pramo Hassan Shashidhara,
Joel D. Maple, Michael McCann, David C. Matthews, Wajdi M. Alghamdi, Timothy S. Ward, Adidi P. Kulkarni,
Philips E. Antoine Gilbert, Susmit Shannigrahi, Taher Gomaa, Chengyu Fan, Bo Bian, Alexander Kesler,
Corey A. Prophitt, Benjamin R. Somogyi, Timothy E. Cline, Vijay P. Singh, Srijeet Chatterjee, Ge Huang

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