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Ian Bertolacci Wins Third Place at Supercomputing 2014 ACM Student Research Competition

photo of SC2014 award winners

(L-R): Ian Bertolacci; Gordon Bell, pioneer in high-performance and parallel computing; Sean McDaniel, University of Delaware, first place winner in the undergraduate research competition; Alice Koniges, first woman ever to earn a Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University.

Congratulations to computer science and psychology undergraduate Ian Bertolacci for his third place award in the ACM Student Research Competition at The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (Supercomputing 2014). Ian is advised by computer science Associate Professor Michelle Mills Strout. His research interests are high performance computing and compilers.

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (Supercomputing) is a large annual conference that hosts the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) where students compete for the best undergraduate and graduate poster awards. Posters are displayed and competitors give a 10-minute talk on the poster and key contributions. This year 23 competition posters were selected from 44 submissions. Ian won Third Place for his poster titled: Orthogonal Scheduling of Stencil Computations with Chapel Iterators. Brad Chamberlain, lead of the Chapel group at Cray, commented, "Ian nailed his presentation, conveying his research crisply and clearly, and serving as a strong ambassador for both his research group at Colorado State and the broader Chapel community." For more information please view the complete list of awards.

Dr. Adele Howe Elected AAAI Fellow

photo of Adele Howe

Congratulations to Dr. Adele Howe who has been named a 2015 Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). The AAAI Fellows program recognizes a small group of AAAI members who have made significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and have exceptional distinction in the profession. Five-ten Fellows are selected annually by a selection committee comprising 9 AAAI Fellows who are current members of AAAI, and chaired by the immediate Past President of AAAI. Dr. Howe and the other newly elected Fellows will be honored in January at the AAAI-15 conference in Austin, Texas.

CSU Crypto-Currency Club Team Wins Coin-rado Bitcoin Competition

photo of Crypto-Currency Club team

Congratulations to CSU students Caleb Tebbe (CS), Chip Wasson (CS), Connor Lawrence (Econ/Psych), and Computer Science alumnus Kevin Kowalski for taking first place in the inaugural Coin-rado Bitcoin Hackathon. The team competed against CU, Colorado School of Mines, and others at the competition hosted by CU on November 14. The team created an app that allows users to consolidate multiple cryptocurrencies, query specific currency transaction histories, tally currency amounts, and convert totals to US dollars.

Read the full article in the Coloradoan.

Watch the Collegian Crypto-Currency Club YouTube video.

Visit the CSU Crypto-Currency Club website.

Dr. Adele Howe Co-Authors Computing Research News Article “Broadening Participation in AI”

photo of Adele Howe

Dr. Adele Howe is working to increase the representation of women and other underrepresented groups in AI by developing conference activities specifically designed to encourage and mentor students and post-docs. Her goal is to encourage the next generation of researchers and practitioners.

With support from Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Computer Research Association - Women (CRA-W), and Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC) through the Discipline Specific Workshops program, Dr. Adele Howe, Dr. Andrea Danyluk (Williams College), Dr. Monica Anderson (University of Alabama), and Dr. Maria Gini (University of Minnesota) organized and implemented the activities at AAAI-14 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Sessions were designed to provide career mentoring, build community, and offer networking opportunities. The program also provided registration and travel support.

The group’s efforts are detailed in the article titled, “Broadening Participation in AI” which appears in the latest Computing Research News Vol.26/Number10.

Students Win Poster Competitions at 2014 RMCWiC Conference

RMCWiC logo

Congratulations to our students who won awards at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing (RMCWiC):

Fatmah Assiri won the graduate poster competition with her poster titled, “Toward Improved APR Techniques and Tools.”
Ian Bertolacci won the undergraduate poster competition with his poster titled, “Orthogonal Scheduling of Stencil Computations with Chapel Iterators.”
Yesenia Vizcaya, a 1st year undergraduate, won the raffle prize of an HP camera.

RMCWiC is a biennial conference sponsored by industry, academia, and non-profit organizations. The CSU Computer Science Department is a gold academic sponsor. It brings together students, faculty, and technology leaders from states in the Rocky Mountain West to explore issues common to women working in the computing field. The conference offers: opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to present their research; networking with academic, government, and industry leaders; and exposure to advancements in the field. This year’s conference, hosted by the University of Wyoming in Laramie, had 110 attendees including students, faculty, and professionals from Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

For more information, please visit the RMCWiC website.

Dr. Robert France to Receive Institute of Caribbean Studies Science and Technology Award

photo of Robert France

Congratulations to Dr. Robert France who will receive the Science and Technology Award from the Institute of Caribbean Studies as part of their Caribbean American Heritage Awards. These awards were instituted by the ICS in 1994 to recognize the contributions of Caribbean Americans. Dr. France will be honored at the ICS Caribbean American Heritage Gala in Washington DC in November.

Dr. France’s work on software modeling and the Unified Modeling Language has been very influential. In addition to this award, he is the recipient of the 2014 AITO Dahl-Nygaard senior prize for his research on adding formal semantics to object-oriented modeling notations. Dr. France has also been named an INRIA International Chair and a CSU College of Natural Sciences Professor Laureate.

Read more about Dr. France's award on CSU SOURCE

Robotics Club Builds Critter Crunch Battlebot for MileHiCon

photo of Robotics Club members at NASA Robotics Challenge

After participating in the 2014 NASA Space Grant Consortium Robotics Challenge last spring, the CSU Robotics Club is constructing the RC battlebot for the Critter Crunch Competition at the MileHiCon 46 Convention in Denver October 24-26. From lectures and robot design to tank wars, this is just one of the club’s many exciting projects and activities. Founded in 2012, the CSU Robotics Club combines electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering, and computer science to explore the topic of robots. Members include undergraduate and graduate students from engineering and computer science. The club’s presentations, projects, and competitions build and utilize robots of various sizes and purposes -- all are under 2' x 2'. The CSU Robotics Club is open to anyone interested and meets every Friday at 4:00PM in CSB130. It receives no CSU or industry funding and collects no annual fee. If you have questions or are interested in sponsoring the club please email:

Like the CSU Robotics Club on Facebook!

Hashdump Security Club Students Incorporate Cyber Attacks into Grid Game Competition

photo of Hashdump Security Club student

The Grid Game, developed by Tim McJunkin at Idaho National Laboratory, is a simulation to teach students how to manage the nation’s electrical grid and other infrastructures. This year, McJunkin asked Computer Science Department Professor Indrajit Ray and the department’s Hashdump Security Club students to expand the game to allow multiple players and to add cyber attacks to make it more realistic. Hashdump members Joseph Arnett, Caleb Begley and Pierce Douglas programmed the Grid Game into a multiplayer competition and developed attack scenarios, which they launched during the second half of the competition.

The Grid Game has two parts. In the first part, you must operate a grid, add customers, and buy and sell power to make money. In the second part, you must do all that while defending against cyber attacks. The player with the most money at the end wins. The game debuted at the Resilience Week conference in Denver in August. The University of Denver, the Idaho Regional Optical Network and Craig Rieger, Resilience Week Chairman, also supported the Grid Game demonstration.

Read full news articles in the CSU press release and Today @ Colorado State.

Read more about the Idaho National Laboratory and the Grid Game.

Department Welcomes New Faculty

photo of Hamid Reza Chitsaz

We are pleased to welcome Assistant Professor Hamid Reza Chitsaz to our faculty. Dr. Chitsaz's research interests include bioinformatics, computational biology, machine learning, algorithms, motion planning, and mobile robotics. Before coming to CSU, he was an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University. For more information, please visit
Dr. Chitsaz's webpage.

Congratulations Spring/Summer 2014 Graduates

The Computer Science Department congratulates the following students on the completion of their degrees in spring and summer 2014:

Doctor of Philosophy

Fayyaz-ul-amir A. Minhas, Large Margin Methods for Partner Specific Prediction of Interfaces in Protein Complexes.

Lijun Yu, A Scenario-based Technique to Analyze UML Design Class Models.

Master of Science

Sai Pradeep Mandalaparty, Craig A. Ziesman, Malgorzata Urbanska,
Aleksandar Jaksic, Amin Sobhani, Walid S. Budgaga, Prathamesh A. Verlekar.

Master of Computer Science

Chandramouli Srinivasan, Michael G. Magill, Elmahdi F. Omar, Balakrishnan T. Balakrishnan, Rojan Ulak,
Trevan A. Hombs, Ryan M. Bak, Pavan K. Baruri, Maoxiang Liu, Michael P. Jones, William T. Brannock,
Arvind Joshi, Satya Abhishek Nistala, Daniel A. Greenhill, Robert W. Paulson, Patrick T. Smith, Michael D. Crawford,
Robert C. Redburn, Rebecca C. Mui, Sai Sumanth Nanduri, Nirav P. Shah, Sahar A. Habib, Seven L. Watts.

Bachelor of Science

Nathan C. Robertson, Jacob J. Karas, Eric Gressman, Samuel A. Richard, Joseph T. Welch, Justin L. Fritzler,
Kyle A. Olsen, Brian C. Michaud, Byron W. Britt, Brian C. Lund, Anwar M. Aldosery, Michael A. Stagg, Jared A. Smart,
Andrew M. Mettlach, Jamie L. Cooley, Oscar A. Rodriguez Enriquez, Scott P. Cable, Patrick J. Saperstein,
Casey W. Pore, Brian C. St. John, Olga V. Evans, Chao Tang, Junjiang Lin, Patrick D. Dickey, Maxim O. Fedorov,
Andrew J. Fries, Bradley M. Richards, Yang Li, Michael A. Miller, Kyle M. Barry, Collin D. Kennedy, Todd E. Burt,
Joseph R. Van Sickle, Kaila B. Thornton, Kyle M. Smith, Mingxuan Cai, Ashton M. Holtz, John W. Wenker, Ian S. Eckert,
Christopher J. Mersman, Luke A. Bakken, Brent J. Benofsky, James R. Devore, Ryan M. Emig, Conor J. Lansford,
Matthew T. Mihoover, Christopher A. Millard, Jason S. Moses, Jino Park, Jeffrey S. Wholey, Adam R. Woodbury

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