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CSU and Liberty Common High School Student Partner to Launch Girls Who Code Club

Girls Who Code logo

The Computer Science Department is partnering with Liberty Common High School student Olivia Thero to launch a Fort Collins club of Girls Who Code. As part of the department's overall effort to increase diversity and expose middle and high school students to computer science, this club will introduce students to computer science, programming, and technology careers. Girls Who Code is a national non-profit organization, supported by public and private partners, working to increase the number of women in technology and engineering fields.

Read the full article in the Coloradoan here.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

Visit the national Girls Who Code website

Megan Hofmann Selected Runner-up of Computing Research Association's Outstanding Undergraduate Female Researcher Award

photo of Megan Hofmann

Congratulations to Computer Science Department undergraduate Megan Hofmann on her selection as runner-up of the Computing Research Association's (CRA) Outstanding Undergraduate Female Researcher Award for PhD-granting institutions 2016. Megan is advised by Dr. Jaime Ruiz, and her research focuses on assistive technology for users with disabilities. She is also an undergraduate researcher at the HCII at Carnegie Mellon University and has done research at the PAD Lab at University of Maryland.

Researchers Awarded $2.7M DHS Grant to Develop Shield Against DDoS Attacks

DHS logo

Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, Dr. Stephen Hayne (Computer Information Systems), and Dr. Haonan Wang (Statistics) have been awarded a $2.7M grant from the Department of Homeland Security for their project, NetBrane: A Software Defined DDoS Protection Platform for Internet Services. The interdisciplinary team will develop a defense service called NetBrane that can detect and protect against large-scale, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyberattacks.

Read the CSU SOURCE article about this project here.

Department Selected as NVIDIA 2015 GPU Education Center


Congratulations to Dr. Cathie Olschanowsky and the department for demonstrated commitment to advancing the state of parallel education using GPU Computing and/or CUDA C/C++. The NVIDIA GPU Education Center Program supports and encourages teaching establishments to include GPU computing using CUDA C/C++ as part of their course offerings. The award will provide funding, equipment, supplies, and support for Parallel Programming (CS475), High Performance Computing and Visualization (CS510), Machine Learning (CS545), and Advanced Parallel Processing (CS575). NVIDIA Corporation is a pioneer in visual computing technology and is a member company of the department’s Industrial Advisory Board.

Department Welcomes New Student Staff Assistants

The department is pleased to welcome Aimee DeMendoza, Kyle Sankey, and Bailey Blythe as our new Student Staff Assistants. Aimee and Kyle are freshmen from the Denver metro area and will be working at the reception desk. Bailey is a sophomore Political Science and Economics major and works with the Graduate Program.

Aimee DeMendoza
Kyle Sankey
Bailey Blythe
Aimee DeMendoza
Kyle Sankey
Bailey Blythe

Dr. Chuck Anderson Wins Best Paper Award at the 2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks

photo of Chuck Anderson

Congratulations to Chuck Anderson and his Ph.D. students Minwoo Lee and Daniel Elliot for winning a Best Paper Award at the 2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) held in Ireland in July. Their paper is titled, Faster Reinforcement Learning After Pretraining Deep Networks to Predict State Dynamics.

Congratulations Spring and Summer 2015 Graduates

The Computer Science Department congratulates the following students on the completion of their degrees in Spring and Summer 2015:

Doctor of Philosophy

Saud S. Alotaibi, Sentiment Analysis in the Arabic Language Using Machine Learning.

Rehab B. Ashari, EEG Subspace Analysis and Classification Using Principal Angles for Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Fatmah Y. Assiri, Assessment and Improvement of Automated Program Repair Mechanisms and Components.

Upulee G. Kanewala, Testing Scientific Software: Techniques for Automatic Detection of Metamorphic Relations.

William M. Springer, Dynamic Representation of Consecutive-Ones Matrices and Interval Graphs.

Wuliang Sun, Using Slicing Techniques to Support Scalable Rigorous Analysis of Class Models.

Master of Science

Laura A. Adams, Jatin V. Bhikadiya, Rahul Dutta, Ghazal Fahimi, Thomas D. Harrison, Noah A. John, Jared R. Koontz, Sarah E. Morrison-Smith.

Master of Computer Science

Michael A. Childs, Michael A. Lajoie, Pavel Shamis, Pablo Bidwell Astaburuaga, Asha Gopalakrishnapillai, Yili Jin, Srinivas Majeti, Nissa Osheim, Joseph D. Overby, Avinash B. Pallapu, Manoj Krishna Panguluri, Karan Shamsingh Pardeshi, Pinalkumar C. Patel, Pavithra Raghavan, Oscar A. Rodriguez Enriquez, Rahul Shanbhog Uma Raghunath, Manoj Sreekumar, Rasika S. Warade.

Bachelor of Science

Michael C. Armani, Max W. Bauer, Daniel R. Boxler, Richard A. Briglio, Charles J. Carlton, Craig E. Christofanelli, Troy M. Cogburn, Andrew R. Cook, David G. Council, Tyler J. Decker, Brandon Dewey, Matthew H. Durbin, Cullen S. Eason, Skyler W. Egelhoff, Yabstega D. Getachew, Nathan L. Hammers, Yun Hao, Andrew Jacobson, Niklaus L. Johnson, Steven R. Lewis, Kira J. Lindburg, William M. Martin, Mark C. Mastrangelo, Andrew M. Matel, Jordan A. Messec, Peter C. Ninnemann, Harini Pandari, Shaun A. Parkison, Rawlin B. Peters, Frederick M. Pierce, Gilbert A. Podell-Blume, Jason H. Propp, Michael S. Ranzinger, Logan K. Sanderson, William J. Steele, Jeffrey C. Stern, Daniel J. Sullivan, Jordan C. Sutton, Benjamin R. Terry, Collin J. Tewalt, Justin M. Venegas, Pavel Volchak, Zakhar Volchak, Max J. Wagner, Scott D. Williams, Yeqing Zhou.

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