Fall 2017

This page contains cumulative news items for the current semester. You can find the news from previous semesters in our news archives at the bottom of the page.

Subhojeet Mukherjee Awarded First Place at Graduate Student Showcase

photo of Subhojeet Mukherjee
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Congratulations to Subhojeet Mukherjee for his Platinum First Place award in the Drivers of Innovation category at the CSU Graduate Student Showcase. Subhojeet was awarded for his research, In-Vehicle Communication Security for Commercial Vehicles and Implements (In-ComVec Sec), which was seen in action at the National Cybertruck Challenge and highlighted in CSU SOURCE. Subhojeet is a Ph.D. candidate advised by Indrakshi Ray and co-advised by Indrajit Ray.

The Drivers of Innovation award is supported by CSU Ventures and highlights the leading edge of the most innovative research originating from CSU. Awardees in this category have presented innovative research capable of solving commercial needs that benefit society. Additionally, the awardees have demonstrated a solid capability to communicate their science clearly as well as a superior ability to visually represent their research in a manner that is accessible to all audiences. The first place award includes a $500 cash prize.

Mohammed Al-Refai Takes Second Place in ACM Student Research Competition at MODELS Conference

photo of Mohammed Al-Refai

Congratulations to Mohammed Al-Refai for his 2nd place win at the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) held during the 20th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS) in Austin, Texas in September. His submission was titled, MaRTS: A Model-Based Regression Test Selection Approach. Mohammed is a Ph.D. student advised by associate professor Sudipto Ghosh and is the 2017-2018 recipient of the The Robert B. France Fellowship in Computer Science. The ACM SRC is a forum sponsored by Microsoft Research for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their research, exchange ideas, and improve their communication skills while competing for prizes. The second place winner receives $300, a silver medal, and a two-year complimentary ACM membership with a subscription to ACM's Digital Library.

Dr. Laura Moreno and Dr. Lorenzo De Carli Papers Accepted at Prestigious ESEC/FSE 2017 Conference

photo of Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum

Congratulations to Assistant Professors Laura Moreno and Lorenzo De Carli whose papers have been accepted at the internationally renowned ESEC/FSE software engineering conference. This conference is a joint meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering. Dr. Moreno’s paper is titled, Detecting Missing Information in Bug Descriptions, and Dr. De Carli’s paper is titled, Cimplifier: Automatically Debloating Containers. This year’s conference will be held September 4-8 at the world’s largest computer museum, the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, in Paderborn, Germany.

Department Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

We are pleased to welcome the following new faculty and staff:

photo of Benjamin Say

Benjamin Say is our newest instructor and comes to us from Kaufman Hall Peak Software where he was a software engineer working on software for heathcare data analytics. He has an MS in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of South Dakota and enjoys the human side of computing, including exploring how people interact with computers and how people learn to use computers. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering as ham radio support for bike events along the front range and perfecting his homebrew beer recipes.

photo of Wendy Stevenson

Wendy Stevenson joins the department as our new administrative assistant in the front office. She has 20 years of experience as a project coordinator and program manager in industry.

Congratulations Spring and Summer 2017 Graduates

The Computer Science Department congratulates the following students on the completion of their degrees in Spring and Summer 2017:

Doctor of Philosophy

Phillipa L. Bennett, A Hybrid Model Checking Approach to Analysing Rule Conformance Applied to HIPAA Privacy Rules.

Minwoo Lee, Sparse Bayesian Reinforcement Learning.

Mattthew M. Malensek, Low-latency, Query-Driven Analytics over Voluminous Multidimensional, Spatiotem-poralDatasets.

Tarik Moataz, Searching over Encrypted Data.

Han Zhang, Detecting Advanced Botnets in Enterprise Networks.

Master of Science

Mmanu Chaturvedi, Naman R. Shah, Johnson Charles Kachikaran Arulswamy.

Master of Computer Science

Alex J. Jones, Charles Doran, Kushagra Tiwary, Nikhil S. Patil, Nupur B. Kulkarni, Mohtadi Ben Fraj, Vijaya More,
Chantiny E. Griffith, Vimal Earnest, Renuka S. Kharangate, Akash Ramanuj Darak, Dalal Z. Alrmuny, Andy C. Hsu.

Bachelor of Science

Albert Lee, Andrew R. Pellerito, Gerhard A. Van Andel, Daniel T. Wood, Joshua A Fuller, Tzu Jui Yu, Ethan H. Loza, Conor L. Cox,
Victor M. Fuentes Sangabriel, Keith T. Seeman, Chad B. Solanyk, Garrett G. Phoonswadi, Scott F. Wheeler, Gabriel W. Douda,
Alexander M. McGrorey, Megan K. Hofmann, Tanner L. Evans, Tyrus A. Malmstrom, Benjamin S. Holway, Ang Li, Bolin Liu, David W. Sahud,
Andrew R. Pellerito, Karinia M. Rard, Travis C. Menghini, Gabriella M. Fontani, Asa J. Staven, Austin T. Hariri, Sadie E. Henry,Jameson D. Knights,
Jeff A. Penn, David B. Thorpe, Cory J. Winkelhake, Conrad B. Christensen, Benjamin Michaud, Ziran Min, Travis C. Menghini, Aaron K. Mindt,
Jialing Zheng, Daniel R. Bobbitt, Ilya Matyukhin, Andrew W. Schlitzer, Harrison J. Houlton,Alexander H. Albright, Daniel V. Kazezian,
Kevin M. Halpin, Grant Stein, Jeffrey D. Buehler, John P. Noonan, Joseph M. Bzdek, Michael T. Ferguson, Chen Wang, Christopher S. Geohring,
Hunter I. Zhang, Trevor D. Stubblefield, Alexander M. Blum, Samuel C. Kramer, Chase A. Hawthorne, Eric T. Schraeder, Daniel J. Karr,
Justin M. Kerchal, Benjamin M. Scott, Dylan T. Crescibene, Russell J. Vantilburg, Matthew T. Borden, Alexander C. Shockency, Benjamin A. Hamor,
Peter J. Elder, Kalvin Lenh, Nicholas W. Lawrence, Anthony C. Lai, Oren J. Cope, William P. Neff, Huijun Wang, Aleksander T. Cronk,
Matthew S. Moxcey, Alexander G. Arbuckle, Brenton P. Grundman, Jarrod Zacher, Bradley J. Smith, William M. Gunther, Aaron T. Castonguay,
Jacob A. Newell, Gregory B. Poisson, John C. Scherer, Eli T. Tatro, Thomas W. Theodorescu, Boone J. Gladney, Tyler J. Nolan, Spencer B. Hachmeister,
Yunke Zhu, Jonathan R. Apodaca, Grant T. Johnson, Alec R. Kent, Trevor M. Von Seggern.

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