News Spring/Summer 2016

This page contains cumulative news items for the current semester. You can find the news from previous semesters in our news archives at the bottom of the page.

Department Hosts Middle and High School Summer Camps

This summer the department hosted several successful, fun summer camps for middle and high school students. From data analysis, math, and programming to creating webpages and games, the camps exposed young students to the exciting field of computer science. We look forward to seeing our middle and high schoolers again in summer 2017!

photo of SWiFT Camp

Summer STEM Camp for Women in Fort Collins (SWiFT)
Director: Sangmi Pallickara
Description: A weeklong camp for female high school students from Rocky Mountain High School and Fort Collins High School. Activity-based programming and hands-on experience in solving real-world problems using data science. Final projects involve working with social media data and performing sentiment analysis.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

photo of Programming Camp for Middle School Girls

Programming Camp for Middle School Girls
Director: Chris Wilcox
Description: A weeklong camp for rising 6-9th grade local girls. Explore computing by creating personalized webpages and dynamic games using HTML, CSS, Scratch, and Python.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

photo of MACS Camp

Math in Action in Computer Science (MACS)
Director: Shrideep Pallickara
Description: A weeklong residential camp for Native American middle school students from Cortez Middle School in Cortez, CO. Students and their teachers learn to apply middle school math concepts to real-world problems in computer science.

Visit the MACS website here.

Dr. Sangmi Pallickara Receives NSF CAREER Award

photo of Sangmi Pallickara

Congratulations to Sangmi Pallickara who has been awarded a five-year NSF CAREER grant for the project: A Framework for Ad Hoc Model Construction in Data Streaming Environments. Dr. Pallickara will investigate support for the generation, assessment, and refinement of ad hoc models from voluminous, multidimensional, time-series observational data. The project will give scientists and researchers the tools needed to make sense of data streams generated in spatiotemporal streaming environments. This research is applicable in domains like smart cities, traffic planning, homeland security, and ecological monitoring. The project also includes an educational outreach program called SWiFT. Rising female 11th graders from Rocky Mountain High School will attend a one-week summer math camp designed to increase their participation in college STEM majors.

Dr. Asa Ben-Hur Receives CSU Graduate Student Council Advising and Mentoring Award

photo of Asa Ben-Hur

Congratulations to Asa Ben-Hur who has received the 2016 Advising & Mentoring Award from the CSU Graduate Student Council (GSC). This annual award recognizes excellent faculty members who demonstrate commitment to graduate student advising, mentoring, and academic success in three major areas: career development, educational guidance, and interpersonal relationship skills. Faculty advisors are nominated by their students.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

Visit the GSC website to view the complete list of award recipients.

Congratulations to Our 2016 Scholarship, Fellowship, and Award Recipients

photo of 2016 award recipients

Photo Credit: Alex Fout

The Anita Read Graduate Award: Thilina Mahesh Buddhika Hewa Raga Munige
Thomas J. Heidenfelder Scholarship: Ethan Coldren
Patricia R. Mohilner Memorial Scholarship: Tanner King
James Sites and Elaine Regelson Undergraduate Research Scholarship: Theodore Michalakes
The Frances E. Allen Scholarship in Computer Science: Sadie Henry, Meilin Kalahiki, Kelsey Cribari, and Nicole Kacirek
The Steven Boyd, Jr. Scholarship: Timothy Chesson and Tre'vel Berry
Computer Science Inclusion and Excellence Scholarship: Vidya Gaddy, Andrew Johnson, Kira Miller, and Jesse Zuniga
The Grit Scholarship in Computer Science: Lauren Bay
The Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Intelligence Graduate Fellowship: Wenxiang Chen
The Computer Science Graduate Fellowship: Phillipa Bennett

To read about our scholarships, fellowships, and awards and view the list of past recipients, please visit our Scholarships and Awards page.

Department Featured in Coloradoan Article on Women in Computer Science

An article in the April 24 Fort Collins Coloradoan features computer science faculty, students, and Dean Nerger discussing the CSU and national challenges surrounding women in computer science and our department's efforts to address them.

Read the full Coloradoan article here.

Dr. Jaime Ruiz Receives College of Natural Sciences Teaching and Mentoring Award

photo of Jaime Ruiz

Congratulations to Jaime Ruiz who has been awarded the College of Natural Sciences Early Career (Pre-Tenure) Faculty Excellence in Teaching and/or Mentoring Award. Established in 1995, the college teaching and mentoring awards recognize faculty and graduate students who have set a standard of excellence in the teaching and mentoring of students. These awards are the highest honor the College bestows for student education.

See the complete list of CNS award recipients here.

Dr. Shrideep Pallickara Named CSU Monfort Professor

photo of Shrideep Pallickara

Congratulations to Shrideep Pallickara who has been named a 2016-2018 Monfort Professor, one of the university’s highest honors for faculty. Established by the Monfort Family Foundation, this award is intended for faculty members who are “rising stars” and demonstrate potential to make a significant impact on CSU through teaching and/or research. Monfort Professors retain this designation for two years, and receive $75,000 per year to further their teaching and research. Dr. Pallickara will use his funding to help develop a proactive, preventative care approach to early detection of cardiac distress for in-home patients.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

Read more about the Monfort Professorship Program here.

ECE/CS Associate Professor Sudeep Pasricha Named CSU Monfort Professor

photo of Sudeep Pasricha

The department congratulates Sudeep Pasricha, joint Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, on his selection as a 2016-2018 Monfort Professor. A provost-selected committee awards two Monfort Professorships annually to help innovative junior faculty propel their careers. Dr. Pasricha plans to direct his award funds to designing the next generation of secure, fault-resilient, and energy-efficient computing chips for use in emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and datacenter platforms.

Read the CSU SOURCE article here.

Read more about the Monfort Professorship Program here.

CSU Reaches Semifinals in Windward Code Wars 2016

Windward Code Wars trophy

Congratulations to CSU teams that competed in Windward Code Wars 2016. Team The Teslas reached the semifinals and team Overclocking The Analytical Machine advanced to the quarter finals in this year’s competition. Windward Code Wars is a student hackathon where teams from top universities around the world have just 8 hours to analyze a programming problem, create a solution, and then pit their skills against other programming experts. This year teams had to create an AI using a provided framework in Java, C#, or Python that played the board game "Acquire" better than the other teams.

Windward Code Wars is an AI based coding competition hosted on campus by ACM and sponsored by Windward, a software development company in Boulder, Colorado. While neither team made the final round this year, CSU’s Team Meh won first place in 2013.

Visit the Windward Code Wars website

Critical Infrastructure Software to be Showcased in DC

DHS logo

A CSU project led by Christos Papadopoulos will be highlighted at the 2016 R&D Showcase and Technical Workshop hosted by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security Division February 17-19. The project was selected as one of 11 innovative technology projects that address today’s “complex cybersecurity challenges and have the potential for transition into the marketplace.” The team will demonstrate WIT, a cloud-based monitoring system for Australia’s critical infrastructure.

Read the CSU SOURCE article about this project here.

Researchers Awarded $2M DHS Grant to Improve Disease Outbreak Planning using Group Gaming

DHS logo

Dr. Shrideep Pallickara, Dr. Sangmi Pallickara, and Dr. Jay Briedt (Statistics) have been awarded a $2M grant from the Department of Homeland Security for their project, Assessing Epidemiological and Economic Impacts of Countermeasures and Vaccination Strategies in Disease Outbreaks at the National Scale.

The interdisciplinary research team aims to improve disease outbreak planning by enabling collaborative simulations and decision making. They will create a tool that enables planners, government agencies, epidemiologists, and field agents to collaboratively simulate disease outbreak scenarios in real time. The tool will be a multiplayer game called Symphony. It will put decision makers in each other's shoes, helping them better understand how their decisions affect one another. The team envisions all these constituents together in a virtual room, doing a planning exercise with the game and real-time visualizations. For planners working in isolation, a single player version called Sonata will allow them to play against the computer.

Read the CSU SOURCE article about this project here.

Read the Rocky Mountain Collegian article about this project here.

Congratulations Fall 2015 Graduates

The Computer Science Department congratulates the following students on the completion of their degrees in Fall 2015:

Doctor of Philosophy

Elmahdi F. Omar, Constructing Subtle Higher Order Mutants from Java and AspectJ Programs.

Maggie Wigness, Hierarchical Cluster Guided Labeling: Efficient Label Collection for Visual Classification.

Hessah N. Alsaaran, Unsupervised Video Segmentation Using Temporal Coherence of Motion.

Master of Science

Thilina Mahesh Hewa Raga Munige, Robert DeMaria, Cameron D. Tolooee, Pratik S. Deoghare, Hanisha Koneru, Pritish Chamania,
Amila C. Suriarachchi, Zachariah A. Allen.

Master of Computer Science

Michael T. Reid, Richard T. Nguyen, Brant Lardie, Chao Tian, Bryan N. Havenstein, Bogdan Besfamylnyy, Sagar Reddy Bijjam,
Prashant P. Mehta, Ashish Kattamuri, Priyank P. Bambhrolia, Varsha Chandrashekar, Sagar A. Gaikwad, Khushboo Gupta,
Venkata Reddy Sathi, Srinivas Reggy Kontham.

Bachelor of Science

Zachary W. Lawrence, Xiang Li, Kyle A. Avrett, Bryon Berryhill, Marion F. Watts, Brandon J. Ulmer, Adam T. Dettenwanger, Nicholas N. Currier, Matt R. Whisler, Zheyao Liu, Christopher J. Dean, Nigel B. Wallingford, Joseph D. Arnett, James D. Gazaway, Shane T. Price, Ryan A. Skinner, Hawk A. Mcginty, Will M. Pearson, Jason P. Elflein, Cooper G. Scott, Roger D. Marquez, Derek A. Drummond, Spencer D. Hinkley.

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