Department group photo 2015 The department has 23 faculty, 6 teaching faculty, and 12 staff members. In addition we have over 650 undergraduates, 140 graduate students, and a large alumni. You are welcome to browse our web pages and contact us anytime with questions or requests for information.

There are a variety of ways to reach people in the department. The following links provide contact information. Please select the best one for your needs. If you need more assistance, please call our front desk at (970) 491-5792.

Faculty and Staff: this is an alphabetical list of our faculty, teaching faculty, and staff. It includes their office addresses, phone, fax, email, and a picture.

Computer Science Directory: This is an alphabetical list of everyone doing work for the department including faculty, teaching faculty, staff, researchers, graduate and undergraduate assistants (GTA, GRA, etc.), postdocs, visitors, and volunteers. You will find their office locations, phone numbers and email addresses.

Userlist: You can only access this list if you have a CS account. This is an alphabetical list of people who have a computer science account, their email address, and links to personal webpages.

CSU Directory: This is the CSU electronic directory. It is the CSU "White Pages" for students, faculty, and staff.