CS Undergraduates

The Computer Science Department offers several undergraduate degree programs to meet the needs and interests of our students, as well as exciting undergraduate research opportunities. You can learn about our degree programs here:

Undergraduate Degree Programs

As a prospective student, you probably have lots of questions. Below is a link to frequently asked questions we have compiled from prospective students. Whether you are considering applying as new freshmen, transfer student, or second bachelors student, you can find useful information and guidance. We'll answer questions like: What exactly is Computer Science? What can I do with a degree in Computer Science? Is Computer Science really for me?

Find out here: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions or need guidance, please call or email us. We'll help you find a computing education path that meets your interests and skills.

We also encourage you to visit the CSU Admissions Website, where you will find lots of useful information for university prospective students.