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FaceL is a simple and fun face processing and labeling tool that labels faces in a live video from an iSight camera or webcam.

When released in 2009, FaceL was available as a ready-to-run Mac OS X application. Around 2012, subsequent versions of OS X broke the app and put significant obstacles in our path when we attempted to correct the situation. Fortunately, as of September 2014, there is again:

The source code for FaceL is also available as a part of the larger PyVision package and this source has been successfully adapated to other platforms.

FaceL is designed to be easy to use and there are several videos demonstrating FaceL on this site. FaceL is based upon openSource components, including the cascade face detector available through OpenCV and a support vector machine built using LIBSVM. The eye finder that precisely locates the face is based upon an ASEF correlation filter developed at Colorado State. More technical background on FaceL is available through SourceForge.

FaceL is quick in that it can recognize multiple people at essentially video rate, but it is not designed to handle more than a couple of people at a time. Please enjoy playing with FaceL and refer to the SourceForge site for additional details.

The name FaceL is short for Facile Face Labeling, and is pronounced 'facile'.

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