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Since 2000, the Vision Group at CSU has carried out a series of projects relating to face recognition:

2011 Baseline Algorithms, January 2012 Release.**
This code release contains a new LDA Baseline Algorithm as well as the Local Region PCA Algorithm released in 2010. The code is the same as our October 2011 Beta Release: no changes were required. This code includes support for running tests on the Good, Bad and Ugly Challenge Problem.

FaceL: Facile Face Labeling
Released in 2009, this is a complete interactive face recognition system that learns and then recognizes a few people in live video.

The CSU Face Identification Evaluation System.
Released in 2003, this system contains our implementations of 4 algorithms included in the original FERET evaluations.

Some of our most recent research publications are summarized and available through Ross Beveridge's Research Page.

**The work on the Baseline Algorithms was funded by the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) under Tasks T-1840C, SC-AS-2807 and SC-AS-3181C.

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