Repository for Model Driven Development (ReMoDD) Overview

The Repository for Model-Driven Development (ReMoDD) is a resource that aims to support the work of researchers and educators in the Model-Driven Development (MDD) community. Researchers and practitioners can use the repository as a vehicle for sharing exemplar models, illustrative descriptions of modeling methodologies and techniques, detailed modeling case studies, modeling success stories and other forms of modeling experience and knowledge. Resources shared within ReMoDD can be used to gain significant insights into the use of models across the software lifecycle, as a source of data for MDD experiments, as a source of models for testing MDD tools, and to better understand relationships among ongoing MDD research projects. In particular, educators and trainers can use ReMoDD resources to illustrate modeling concepts and approaches in the classroom.

The development of the ReMoDD infrastructure is led by researchers in Colorado State University's Computer Science Department and Michigan State University's Computer Science Department.

Contact Info
Colorado State University Department of Computer Science
Michigan State University Department of Computer Science and Engineering
E-mail: remodd{dash}project{at}

The development of this site is supported by the National Science Foundation under Computing Research Infrastructure Grant CNS-0854988.

Current Public MDD Events on ReMoDD

Past Public MDD Events on ReMoDD
MODELS 2015 Modeling Pearls Artifact Submission
MODELS 2014 Modeling Pearls Artifact Submission
The MODELS Conference
Second International MODELS 2014 AMINO Workshop: TowArds the Model DrIveN Organization

Major MDD Initiatives and Resources
The ATL Project
EMF: The Eclipse Modeling Framework
The Epsilon Project
GeMOC: Globalization of Modeling Languages
GME: The Generic Modeling Environment
Open Model Initiative
Open Model Initiative (Austria)
The Papyrus project
The SSELab