Feature Highlights

The following is a list of ReMoDD's current features, with a brief description of each, as well as a link.

  • Submitting Artifacts
    Registered users can submit MDD artifacts to the site. Once approved, these artifacts will be visible to other registered users as well.
  • Browsing Artifacts
    All approved artifacts can be viewed in a sortable, paged list. Each entry in the list links to that artifact's main page.
  • Forums
    Registered users can read and post in the site's forum community, communicating with others and providing feedback on artifacts and the site itself.
  • Groups
    Groups are a way for users to collaborate more closely than on the forums, sharing documents and messages privately. Registered users can create a group and invite others.
  • Search
    The entire site can be searched, including options to specify content type (such as artifacts, forum posts, group posts, and so on) and specific content categories (such as artifacts in the Academia or Automotive categories).
  • Citations
    All pages on the site, particularly including artifact pages, include a link to detailed citation information in a variety of formats, including BibTeX, MLA Style, APA Style, and many more.
  • Personal Profile
    Registered users have a personal profile page. Here, users can provide information about their organization, as well as view messages and notifications regarding their artifacts, forum threads, and groups.