The primary goal of the workshop series on Modeling in Software Engineering @ ICSE is to foster exchange of innovative ideas on the use of models in software engineering. Another major goal of this workshop is to promote cross-fertilization between the model-driven development (MDD) communities and software engineering communities.

Previous versions of the workshop (2007–2009) showed that while there is great interest in collaborations across these communities, there are differences in terminologies and concepts that need to be harmonized for effective communication to take place. In the 2009 workshop, we had substantial discussions that led to an alignment of concepts. The results of these discussions provide a good foundation for further collaborative work involving researchers from these communities. The workshop series aims to provide forums for discussing and critically analyzing modeling techniques with respect to their purposes in software engineering processes. Participants engage in the exchange of innovative technical ideas and experiences related to modeling, including, modeling notations, abstraction techniques, modeling strategies, and use of models in development activities, including, system configuration, testing, and product line variability management. The next MiSE workshop will held at ICSE 2014 in Hyderabad, India.