The growing complexity of software systems that play critical roles in our society has given rise to exceptionally challenging software development problems. Significant insights into these challenging software development problems are best obtained through extensive experimentation with proposed solutions. The scarcity of readily accessible resources that provide a broad range of shareable software modeling experience significantly impairs our ability to perform the extensive experimentation needed to accelerate model driven software development (MDD) research that targets growing software complexity. The Repository for Model-Driven Development (ReMoDD) aims to provide a broad range of shareable forms of quality software modeling experience, that researchers, educators and practitioners in the Model-Driven Development (MDD) community can use to guide and evaluate their work. MDD community members are strongly encouraged to submit shareable MDD artifacts for review to be included in ReMoDD. Suitable submissions, include, but are not limited to, demonstration and comparative case studies, illustrative descriptions of good and bad modeling practices, results of MDD projects, and links to repositories containing artifacts that may be of interest to the MDD community. An Advisory Board of MDD researchers and practitioners will help ensure that ReMoDD serves the needs of the MDD community.