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Qusai Ramadan^1, Mattia Salnitriy^2, Daniel Strüber^1, Jan Jürjens^1 and Paolo Giorginiy^2
1 University of Koblenz-Landau, 2 University of Trento
Required Tool(s): 
We recommend using Eclipse Neon, Modeling Tools distribution (, with installed Henshin( and CARiSMA ( plug-ins. These plug-ins can be installed either using online update sites, or the mirrored update sites provided as part of the artifact. More details about how to install these softwares are provided in the README file.
Programming/Modeling Languages: 
For people who are interested in viewing the SecBPMN2 Models or UMLsec models, we recommended the use of the following tools. However, this is not an obligation, our project still can be executed without having these tools. For viewing the SecBPMN2 models, please install STS-Tool. For viewing the UMLsec models, please install Papyrus on your Eclipse. More details about how to install these software are provided in the README file.
Artifact Description: 

The Eclipse project package ** has the following contents:
src/my.example* directory:

  • Externalservices1.bpmn, Externalservices2.bpmn, Flightplan.bpmn, Landing.bpmn: Input models from the ATM case study
  • example1.bpmn: Small input model for testing purposes
  • .henshin files: Henshin modules implementing the transformation
  • Java class for executing the transformation via orchestration of Henshin modules
  • Java class for computing metric values for input and output models

Testing directory: Additional test input models

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