Presentations and Publications

ReMoDD Presentations
ReMoDD PowerPoint Presentation given during MiSE 2009

ReMoDD Publications
"CRI Collaborative Project Report: Repository for Model-Driven Development (ReMoDD)" (Robert France, James Bieman, and Betty H.C. Cheng, Proceedings of CRI of PI Meeting, Snowbird, Utah, June 2006)

"Repository for Model-Driven Development (ReMoDD)'' (Robert France, Jim Bieman, and Betty H.C. Cheng, Models in Software Engineering, Springer Lecture Notes for Computer Science, LNCS, Vol. 4364, 2007, pp. 311-317, Springer)

ReMoDD Posters
2016, Mohammed Al-refai, James M. Bieman, Sudipto Ghosh, ReMoDD Repository for Model Driven Development (poster), IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation, Chicago, IL, USA.