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This group meets once a week during the semester. We would like this group to be a place to learn about computer vision. The topics for the discussions will include recent work in the department, important papers or algorithms, and software tools. The structures of the meetings will vary. For this semester, in addition to presenting our work, we will be focusing on presenting relevant and contemporary papers.

Every one who is interested in this group should make sure they are on the visionaries email list.


Time and Location

Time: Thursdays at 2PM

Location: CSB 452 (AI Lab Room)


NOTE: Dates are tentative. Subject to change.


General Chair - Steve O'Hara

Colorado State University

Program Chair - Mohammad Nayeem

Colorado State University

Doctoral Alumni Chair - David Bolme

Colorado State University

Distinguished Guest Chair - Yui Man Lui

Colorado State University

Previous Semesters

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