Meeting Minutes 11/20/15


  • Officer elections will be on Dec 4th
    1. Will be sending email out
    2. New officers will start in January
  • New Doodle poll for meeting times will be needed after elections


  • Joe Walkuski will be giving a presentation on Dec 11.
    1. Will talk about how he got into computer science
    2. Need to have Russ Wakefield make an announcement
  • On Dec 5th, we will be giving a presentation to Poudre School District
  • HP would like to get an event going

Meeting Minutes 11/13/15


  • Only three more ACMW meetings this semester
  • Midterm elections will be coming up soon
  • Sarah obtained list of scholarship info for women
  • Wednesday, Dec 18th will be our social event


  • On Dec 5th, we will be giving a tech talk to kids at Poudre Valley Library
  • Owner of Lyric Cinema wants to host code girl documentary
  • Caryl Lang at HP hosting event on Dec 12th

Meeting Minutes 11/6/15


  • Doodle poll for event day is up
    1. Open to everyone, but members decide when
    2. Game night, movies, pizza
      1. Week before Thanksgiving
  • Tori will be attending the Slice Officer Meeting
    1. From 11-12 on Monday, Nov 9th, LSC 312
    2. Meeting notes from this meeting need to be printed with a CSU letter head. This will allow us to get a bank account.


  • Sarah has a phone call with Joe Walkuski

Other Stuff

  • Some faculty would like to attend meetings
  • Monthly PotLuck
    1. Tea during meetings?
  • Elaine Regelson would like to setup women’s tea event
    1. Open to everyone
  • Check out code girl documentary
  • Indrashi Ray would like to speak with the Dean of the department about the current state of the computer science department