Extra Life

Extra Life is an organization which facilitates fundraising for local children’s hospitals through marathon style pledges for time spent playing games. We will be hosting a 24 hour gaming marathon where we will be inviting students and/or organizations from CSU to play games and raise money for the cause by setting up a profile on our Extra Life web page and asking friends and family to donate on their behalf. We will also accept generic donations through the Cam The Ram participant.

The event will take place November 8 7PM – November 9 7PM at the Nancy Richardson Design Center. For the duration of the event, we will have a schedule of tournaments, trivia, role playing games, and other programming that will be released at a later date.

Here are some tips for fundraising!

  1. Click here to visit our team fundraising page!
  2. Click the big button that says “Join our team” and register with your name and email.
  3. Under participant type, you can choose “Extra Life Classic” to participate for free.
  4. Click “Join a team” during your registration and make sure that “Colorado State Game Day” is selected (it should be automatically).
  5. You can now set a fundraising goal for yourself and choose a specific children’s hospital for the money you raise to benefit. Don’t worry, you can always change these later!
  6. Finish setting up your account and use the link to your personal funding page to ask friends, family, and people from your community to donate to the cause!
    • Click “Your page” in the top left corner and scroll down to see a section labelled “Get the word out” in the right hand column.
    • Use these integrated ways of asking for donations by sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, or by copying and sharing the funding page directly.
    • You can also set up an integrated Facebook fundraiser easily from the “Settings” page.

Just want to donate?

  1. Click here to visit our team fundraising page!
  2. Click the big button that says “Donate”.
  3. You will be asked to select a team member to support. Here, choose the friend or family member who directed you to this event, or if you’d rather, support our school and our favorite mascot by choosing “Cam The Ram”.