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 This page will contain links to helpful on-line material. This page will contain links to helpful on-line material.
 +===== Software Installed on CS Network =====
 +[[|Systems and Network Administration]]
 ===== Jobs in Machine Learning ===== ===== Jobs in Machine Learning =====
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 ===== Recent News ===== ===== Recent News =====
 +[[|Distill]], useful explanations of machine learning concepts.
 [[|ML News Google Group]] [[|ML News Google Group]]
 [[|Connectionists Mailing List]] [[|Connectionists Mailing List]]
 +[[|Towards Data Science, introductions and tutorials related to machine learning]]
 [[|AAAI AI-Alerts]] [[|AAAI AI-Alerts]]
 +[[|Deep Learning Weekly]]
 [[|Medium: Machine Learning]] [[|Medium: Machine Learning]]
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 [[|2016 US Elections]] [[|2016 US Elections]]
-[[!forum/ml-news|Machine Learning News google group]] 
 [[!forum/jupyter|Ipython Notebook (Jupyter) google group]] [[!forum/jupyter|Ipython Notebook (Jupyter) google group]]
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 [[|Emacs]] [[|Emacs]]
 +===== Visualizations in Python =====
 +[[|PyVis]] A nice overview of visualization packages available in python.
 ===== Math ===== ===== Math =====
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 ===== Notebook ===== ===== Notebook =====
 +[[|Running your jupyter notebook on a remote machine]]
 [[|Spell checking and other extensions]] [[|Spell checking and other extensions]]
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