Computational Biology for Life Scientists

The GAUSSI program includes a stream of three courses that provide basic training in computational skill to enable the analysis of biological data.

All three courses are offered TR 10-noon in room 425 in the CS building: the linux course is taught during the first 4 weeks of the semester, followed by the Python course (7 weeks) and the RNA-seq course (4 weeks). Linux is a prerequisite for both, and we recommend taking all three as a package.

The Linux course will teach you what you need to run command-line tools in a Linux environment; the python course will teach you basic programming, with a focus on using python for sequence analysis tasks, and simple data manipulations; the RNA-seq course will give you hands-on experience with all aspects of analyzing RNA-seq data using command-line tools. For the Linux and Python courses you will need to bring a laptop to class for hands-on experience with the material. The Linux course is taught by Tai Montgomery and Erin Nishimura; the Python course is taught by Asa Ben-Hur and Tai Montgomery, and the RNA-seq course is taught by Erin Nishimura and Tai Montgomery.