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Staying organized

  • Write things down… keep a notebook
  • Stay organized… think of ways you can standardize and sort your directories
  • For Pete's sake, back up!
  • Use TAB to autocomplete
  • Be careful about opening files in Office software: autocorrect and return carriage errors can occur

Writing code

  • Comment your code
  • Test scripts every 1 - 3 lines
  • Make your research reproducible (set seeds on random numbers, keep track of software versions)
  • Test for predictable errors and bugs
  • Make a test file before working on the big data
  • Save versions, but keep them separate from the current version (svn, git, prev_drafts directory)

Sharing and learning

  • Collaborate
  • Share your data; share your code
  • Keep learning new things; keep practicing

For more info see Resources


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