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   $ make install   $ make install
 +Making software accessible from any directory:
 +  * Add the absolute path to the program to PATH environment variable. The PATH environment variable tells your computer where to look for software - it's a colon-delimited list of directories that your shell searches when you type a command.
 +  * To see what's in your PATH variable in unix, type echo $PATH.
 +  ​
 +  $ mkdir $HOME/bin
 +  ​
 +Add the directory to your PATH environment variable:
 +  $ export PATH=$HOME/​bin:​$PATH
 +On a Mac, to permanently add a path, you need to edit, or create ​ ~/​.bash_profile,​ the terminal startup configuration file that loads all your preferences. Multiple ways to edit it.
 +  ​
 * Mac users must install xcode tools:\\ * Mac users must install xcode tools:\\
   ​   ​
   $ xcode-select –install   $ xcode-select –install
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