CS110 Information

Russ Wakefield

Microsoft Teams


Office Hours:
Wednesday 9-11 (Teams)


Labs: CSB 110
Lab is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
TA Hours: See lab schedule posted in teams
Phone: 970-491-0615

Microsoft Teams will be used for CS110 communication

Lectures, as well as remote lab and project help, will all be in Teams for the time being. Here is the link to the CS110 team. CS110 Teams Link

Important information for Students

All students should fill out a student-specific symptom checker each day before coming to class Link

Course Description

This class provides the knowledge and skills necessary to use a personal computer in the college environment and in a professional career, focusing on those skills needed to perform and document research. The format of the class includes Lectures and Labs.

Class Activities / Makeup policies