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Spring 2015 Semester

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This is the home page for CS156, Introduction to C Programming I, part of the CSU Computer Science CS155/CS156/CS157 series.
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Grades Available

Tuesday April 7 11:37AM

~cs156/bin/grade will now show your final exam score (FINAL), your curved final exam score (FINAL-curved), your total score (TOTAL), and your letter grade (LETTER). The letter grade that you see is the one that you will get.

Read this if you have questions about your grade.

Raw Final Exam Scores

Monday April 6 12:33PM



Monday April 6 12:44PM

If you go south from Detroit, Michigan, USA, you enter the city of Windsor in the province of Ontario, Canada, then Ohio, USA, then Cuba, then Costa Rica, barely missing Panama. You then miss all of South America and hit Antartica.

HW4 Solution

Wednesday April 1 12:49PM

My solution to HW4 is here.

No Extra Credit

Saturday March 28 8:29AM

There will be no extra credit.

HW3 Solution

Wednesday March 25 12:43PM

My solution to HW3 is here.

HW4 Available

Tuesday March 24 7:19PM

HW4 is now available.

HW2 Solution

Sunday March 15 12:18PM

My solution to HW2 is available here.

No Office Hours

Friday March 13 9:51PM

Neither Hao nor Jack will have office hours during Spring Break, March 15–21. There will be no help session on Tuesday, March 17.

HW3 Available

Wednesday March 11 3:57PM

HW3 is now available.

HW1 Solution

Wednesday March 4 5:18PM

My solution to HW1 is available here. It’s for viewing, only; you can’t save it.

HW2 Available

Wednesday March 4 7:55AM

HW2 is now available.

Homework & Quizzes Worth the Same

Sunday February 22 1:32PM

Unlike previous semesters, CS156 homework and quizzes are worth the same as they were in CS155.

Syntax Highlighting

gedit, emacs and vi all provide mechanisms for highlighting C syntax, such that it is easy to differentiate between keywords, comments, variables, etc. In emacs, select “Options” and click on “Syntax Highlighting (Global Font Lock Mode)”. In vi, enter, “:syntax on”. Also consider using gvim instead of vi or vim.

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