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Spring 2015 Semester

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This is the home page for CS157, Introduction to C, Part 2, part of the CSU Computer Science CS155/156/157 series.
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Grades Available

Wednesday May 13 9:37AM

~cs157/bin/grade will now show your final exam score (FINAL), your curved final exam score (FINAL-curved), your total score (TOTAL), and your letter grade (LETTER). The letter grade that you see is the one that you will get.

Read this if you have questions about your grade.

Raw Final Exam Scores

Wednesday May 13 9:18AM


Presidential Patent

The last question on the final exam was:

Who is the only U.S. president to hold a patent? For what?

Abraham Lincoln held a patent for a device for “Buoying Vessels Over Shoals”.

HW4 Solution

Wednesday May 6 2:20PM

My solution to HW4 is here.

No Extra Credit

Sunday May 3 10:49AM

There will be no extra credit.

HW3 Solution

Wednesday April 29 2:48PM

My solution to HW3 is here.

HW4 Available

Tuesday April 28 10:14PM

HW4 is now available.

HW3 Available

Wednesday April 22 3:07PM

HW3 is now available.

HW2 Solution

Wednesday April 22 12:10PM

My solution to HW2 is here.

HW2 Available

Wednesday April 15 11:26PM

HW2 is now available.

HW1 Solution

Wednesday April 15 2:13PM

My solution to HW1 is here.

HW1 Available

Tuesday April 7 4:29PM

HW1 is now available.

No C++

This is not a C++ class; that’s a different language.

Final Exam

The final exam is the last day of regular classes, not the week after.

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