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CS160: Foundations in Programming: Summer 2016

Logical and Comparison Operators

Comparison Operators

Here is a list of the comparison operators that can be used in conditions:
    >     (greater than)
    <     (less than)
    ==    (equals)
    !=    (not equal to)
    <=    (less than or equal to)
    >=    (greater than or equal to)

Please note that the test for equality consists of two equals signs, rather than one. Rememeber that
  x = y;
means that x becomes equal to y. But the expression:
  x == y
means a test to see if x is equal to y.

Logical Operators

Suppose we want to test more than one thing at once. The and , or , and not are logical operators using in composing the conditional expressions. The complete list of logical operators is:
   &&   (and)
   ||   (or)
   !    (not)   

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