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How to use checkin to turn in a programming assignment.

Checking in Your Assignments
Step 1. Login to a Linux machine (if you aren't on one already).
Step 2. "cd" to the subdirectory containing the file to check in.
Step 3. type:
~cs200/bin/checkin <PA#> <filename>
Note: Replace <PA#> with the name of the assignment and <filename> with whatever file you are checking in.
Step 4. You should see a message indicating a successful submission and a date/time of when the checkin completed.
~cs200/bin/checkin PA2 Foo.tar
Checking in files for assignment 'PA2'
Current time is: Wed Jan 30 16:21:57 2008
Assignment is ON TIME!
If you wish, you may turn in another (presumably better)
version up until Thu Jan 31 00:59:59 2008
and it will replace this version.
File Foo.tar was checked in.

Note that for Fall 2011, you must check in a single file for each assignment.
It is recommended that you tar your java source files into a single file and turn
that file in. Do not include folders, class files, etc. Do not compress the tar
file afterwards.

Making Sure Your Assignment is Checked In Right
Step 1. Login to a Linux machine
Step 2. Type
~cs200/bin/peek to see a list of files you have turned in.
~cs200/bin/peek PA# to see a list of files you turned in for PA#
~cs200/bin/peek PA# <fileName> to see the contents of the file <fileName> that you turned in for PA#


Size Date Time Assignment File
---------- --------------- -------- ---------- ----
824 Wed Jan 30 2008 16:21:57 PA2 Foo.tar
755 Wed Jan 30 2008 16:02:13 PA2 Foo.tar.old

2 Files listed

Checking Your Grades and Comments
When your grade is posted for a specific assignment, you can see your score and feedback using grade

Step 1. Type ~cs200/bin/grade PA#


~cs200/bin/grade PA1
Grade & Comments for PA1
FINAL GRADE: 80 / 100
Compiles and runs: 20 / 20
Correct output: 25 / 30
Readability/comments: 20 / 20
Design: 25 / 30
Subtotal: 90 / 100
Late penalty: -10
TOTAL: 80 / 100

Your score will be posted in RamCT as well.

To see a summary for all of your assignments, use the command with no parameters:

Type ~cs200/bin/grade


PA1 : FINAL GRADE: 80 / 100
PA2 : FINAL GRADE: 90 / 100

This page was originially written by Carolyn Schauble for CS270 and modified by Sangmi Pallickara for Fall 2011 CS200.
Copyright © 1997-2011: Colorado State University All rights reserved.