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CS253: Problem Solving with C++

Spring 2014

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This is the home page for CS253, Problem Solving with C++, a CSU Computer Science class.
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GTA Evaluation Survey

Monday April 21 11:36AM

The CS Department has provided an on-line survey to evaluate the teaching assistants (Tomojit Ghosh & Quanyi Mo):

HW6 Available

Sunday April 20 4:38PM

HW6 is now available.


Sunday April 13 1:13PM

The valgrind program reports that gtkmm leaks memory, even if you do everything right. Oh, well.

Midterm #2 Scores

Wednesday April 9 11:20AM

The scores are available for midterm #2.

Robert Rules

Monday April 7 11:07AM

Mr. Pinkney has a good point. I will accept answers like “math.h is C, cmath is C++” for midterm question #9. It’s not the best answer, but it’s valid.

HW5 Available

Sunday April 6 3:00PM

HW5 is now available.

HW4 Solution

Friday April 4 8:01PM

My solution to HW4: Calendar.h

Midterm #2 Silly Question

Friday April 4 7:50PM

What element has no letters in common with the word “mackerel”? Tin.

Office Hours in my Office

Friday April 4 2:01PM

On Monday, April 7, I’ll have my 2:00–3:15PM office hours in my office, CSB 246.

HW4 Clarification

Thursday March 20 5:42PM

I have clarified how to use the CalendarBase.* files in HW4.

Spring Break

Friday March 14 9:40AM

I will not have any office hours during Spring Break.

HW4 Available

Wednesday March 12 9:32AM

HW4 is now available.

HW3 Solution

Monday March 10 3:02PM

My solution to HW3: PNum.h

Beware of *.gch files

Sunday March 2 12:05PM

Remember, you’re not supposed to compile a *.h file. If you do, it creates an evil *.gch (compiled header) file, which will be nothing but trouble. Remove that *.gch file!

HW3 Clarification

Friday February 28 2:06PM

In HW3, set_subscriber("345") must throw an error, because the string is too short. However, this is just fine: set_subscriber(678)

HW2 Solution

Sunday February 23 6:14PM

My read-only solution to HW2 is here.

Midterm Silly Question

Sunday February 23 12:57PM

Benjamin Franklin was never president of the U.S.A.

HW3 Available

Saturday February 22 2:07PM

HW3 is now available.

Office Hours

Friday February 21 2:04PM

For Monday February 24th only, my office hours will be in my office, CSB 246.

Compiling HW2

Saturday February 8 10:34AM

We will compile your HW2 submission like this:


or, perhaps:

    g++ -o program-name

We will not provide additional libraries or compiler flags. If your solution requires g++ -lfoo, then you’d better come up with something different.

HW2 Clarification

Monday February 3 2:24PM

In HW2, don’t print . or .., even if -a is given.

HW2 Available

Thursday January 30 8:05PM

HW2 is now available.

First Lab Is Optional

Recitation (lab) the first week is optional. Attend if you need help logging in, editing files, using g++, or general help with HW0. If your recitation was Monday, then you may attend one of the other recitations (see the syllabus) this week.

No Onions in CSB

Please, no onions in the Computer Science Building, including the Linux Lab. One of our faculty has a severe allergy.

Announcements go here

If I clarify an assignment, change a due date due to weather, etc., I’ll announce it here.

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