CS253: Software Development with C++

Spring 2021


Common ExcuseLikely Response
My home internet access failed!Use the Linux Lab on campus.
I didn’t know it would be this hard!That’s why we start early.
C’mon—it’s only five minutes late!Late is late.
Lots of homework from other classes!You’ll plan better next time.
I work the night before it’s due!You start the night before!?
It snowed!Yeah, it does that.
My apartment burned down.
I have a note from a doctor.
The city declared a state of emergency.
CSU closed due to weather.
A family tragedy occurred.
I’ll give you more time.

How Do I Turn in Homework?

See the instructions at the end of each assignment, as shown for HW0 here.

When is Homework Due?

The Schedule page tells you when each assignment is due. You may turn it in up to 24 hours late for a 25% point penalty. After that, late homework will only be accepted for reasons and documentation in compliance with CSU guidelines.

If you have a scheduling conflict that you regard as a valid excuse (including ROTC, marching band, etc.), then work with me in advance. I’m much less receptive when the homework is already late.

Links to the individual homework assignments are on the tab bar above.

Your Homework Must Compile

We will compile your homework as described in each assignment, as shown for HW0 here.

If the compilation produces errors, then you get zero for the assignment. Yes, ZERO, just as if you didn’t do it at all. Make really sure that your homework compiles. Test after every change, even if you’re just changing a comment.

If the compilation produces warnings, then you lose a point. I recommend compiling with -Werror, so that warnings are treated as errors. That way, warnings won’t go unnoticed.

Compile on the Target Machine

It’s convenient & efficient to do development locally, on your own computer, but be sure to compile & test on a CS Dept. computer. Your computer is probably not using the same version of the compiler and libraries as the CS Dept. The only way to be sure is to test your code on a CS Dept. computer.