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Recitation R1 - C Programming Tutorial

CS270: Computer Organization

The purpose of this lab is to learn the basics:

Logging In

  1. Login to the machine, using your eID (same username that you use for Canvas).
  2. The initial password should be your student ID (or whatever password you currently use). If your password is still your student ID, you should change it. To do so, open a terminal and type passwd

Writing a C Program

  1. Browse to the P1 assignment instructions on the progress page of the CS270 website.
  2. Create a directory for CS270 assignments, we recommend ~/cs270.
  3. Create a subdirectory for P1, we recommend ~/cs270/P1.
  4. The teaching assistant will explain the sample code provided.
  5. Build and run the sample program.
  6. Modify the sample program to add the P1 functions.
  7. Modify the sample program to call the P1 functions.
  8. Build the P1 program and test it yourself.

Compiling a C Program

To compile your program into an executable called P1, type in the following commands to a terminal window:
c11 -g -Wall -c P1.c
c11 -g -Wall P1.o -o P1
To run the compiled program, type the following command:
./P1 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0

Submitting a C Program

  1. Browse to checkin tab on the course website.
  2. Follow the instructions to login.
  3. Submit the P1.c file and wait for preliminary testing to complete. You may only get preliminary testing feedback every 30 minutes. However, if you wait till the due date to do your homework, you will have to wait much longer to get preliminary testing results.
  4. Browse your submitted code and test results.
  5. Continue working on P1 as time permits.

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