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CS 270 presents a top-down introduction to computer architecture after students have completed an introduction to Java programming.

The course contains:

  • C programming;
  • Number representation;
  • The Von Neumann model;
  • Instruction Set Architectures;
  • Assembly language programming;
  • Digital logic and gates.

The concepts in this course will be reinforced through assignments in C, LC3 assembly language, and Logisim based circuit design.

The textbook covers this material in a bottom-up fashion so we will cover the chapters in a different order. See the Progress page for more information.

Graded activities will occur each week.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will be used for CS270 communication.

Helpdesk and general questions, will be in Teams. Here is the link to the CS270 team: CS270 Teams Link. Use your CSU address (eid@colostate.edu) and eID password to log in to Teams.