Interactive terminal session

To start the interpreter, get to a terminal and type:


Or, for a slightly more interactive experience:


Jupyter Notebook session

To start a jupyter notebook server, get to a terminal and type:


You’ll probably want to make an alias for this location, so that you don’t have to remember it next time. If you run the following in a terminal, it will add a line to your Bash (the shell you are currently using in your terminal) configuration file so that next time you start a terminal, you can simply type the shorthand alias, and Bash will expand it to the full path to the Jupyter Notebook program.

echo alias jupyter=/usr/local/anaconda/bin/jupyter-notebook >> .bashrc

Pycharm IDE

To run Pycharm (a full featured Python IDE by JetBrains), get to a terminal and type:


Note that since Pycharm is an IDE, it is not trivial to set up, like the first two options. However, it can be quite nice. So if you do choose to give it a try, allocate an afternoon to spend setting it up (and googling along the way). Here are two videos that might help: Starting Pycharm, Setup Pycharm.