CS370: Operating Systems
[Spring 2020]



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Announcements: Course Objectives:
CS370 is a core undergraduate CS course. The objective of this course is to understand the broad range of issues that underlie the modern Operating Systems. We focus on key concepts and algorithms that are used in both commercial and open-source operating systems. This course will cover the following broad areas:
  1. Operating systems - perspective, terminology, structure.
  2. Processes, threads, concurrency and deadlocks
  3. CPU Scheduling algorithms
  4. Deadlocks and resource management
  5. Memory - address translation and virtual memory
  6. Storage architecture and File System
  7. Virtual Machines and data centers
We may discuss advanced topics (security and reliability) and recent development based on time available.

Lecture Coordinates
Sec 1: Visual Arts F 101, Tu, Th 9:30 – 10:45am
Sec 2: CSB 130, Tu, Th 12:30 – 1:45pm (also sec 302)

devices with os
Instructors Teaching Assistants
  Yashwant Malaiya
Office: Room 356, CS Building
Office Hours: 3:30-4:30 PM on Mon, Wed (Tent)
E-mail: malaiya at cs.C.E
Exapand email abreviation: C.E = colostate. edu

Tel: 970.491.7031

Jack Applin
Office: Room 246, CS Building
Office Hours:
  Tuesday 2:00–2:25ᴘᴍ
  Wednesday 9:45–11:30ᴀᴍ
  Thursday 2:00–4:00ᴘᴍ
E-mail: applin at C.E

General email: cs370 at cs.C.E (preferred, delivered to the GTAs as a group)
use individuals emails only to continue prior discussion)
Expand email abbreviation: C.E = colostate. edu
Help Sessions
Graduate TA: Laksheen Mendis Laksheen.Mendis at C.E
CSB 120: Hours: M 12-1PM, W 2-4, Th 12-1PM
Graduate TA: Menuka Warushavithana Menuka.Warushavithana at C.E
CSB 120 Hours: M 10-11AM, W 11AM-1 PM, F 12-1 PM
Undergraduate TA: Sajeeb Roy Chowdhury srchowdh at rams.C.E
CSB 120 Hours: W 7-8 PM, Th 7-8 PM

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