CS370: Operating Systems
[Spring 2021]



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The weights associated with different elements of the course are listed below.

Course Element Weight
Assignments (programming/written) 25%
Quizzes & interaction (on-line and in-class) 20%
Mid Term 20%
Project 10%
Final 25%

Letter grades will be based on the following standard breakpoints: ≥ 90 is an A, ≥ 88 is an A-, ≥86 is a B+, ≥80 is a B, ≥78 is a B-, ≥76 is a C+, ≥70 is a C, ≥60 is a D, and <60 is an F. We will not cut higher than this, but we may cut lower.


Prerequisites: CS200 with a C [2.0] or better, CS270 with a C [2.0] or better.

Required Texts Instructors

Avi Silberschatz, Peter Galvin, Greg Gagne.
Operating Systems Concepts, Edition 10e, Wiley etext package
Publisher - John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1119127482.


Track Canvas, MS Teams and the schedule page of the course website daily. You are required to attend all lectures. Make sure that you refresh the web pages.
Ensure that you complete the reading and programming assignments.

Policies for exams, quizzes and assignments:
The dates for all exams, excluding quizzes, will be announced. All exams (quizzes, midterm and the comprehensive Final) will be on-line unless otherwise specified. You must have a MS Windows/Mac pc with a webcam that will support the CSU specified proctoring software used in the class. There will be no make-up exams for missed quizzes, mid-term, and finals. If you have an officially required university event or family or medical emergency that prevents you from attending the midterm, or the final, let us know as soon as possible and provide documentation to reschedule.

You must take your exams as scheduled for your specific section. Penalty for showing up in the wrong exam is 100%. You must pass separately in the tests (i.e. midterm plus final) and the rest of the course elements to pass the class.

There will be several on-line long and short quizzes. No collaboration of any type among students is permitted for on-line quizzes. Late on-line quiz submissions are not accepted.

All assignments are due at 11 PM on the due date and will be submitted using Canvas. When submitting a tar/zip file, you need to check its integrity by downloading it. There is a late penalty of 20% for up to a maximum of 24 hours. Submissions after that are not accepted. Programming assignments are posted about 7-14 days prior to the deadline, written assignments will allow 6-7 days. All assignments will be posted on Canvas. Submissions may be checked for overlap using automated tools or manually for excessive overlap among students or with external sources and a suitable penalty may be imposed.

All students are expected to be familiar with the policies in the department's student information sheet available here.

This course will adhere to the CSU Academic Integrity Policy as found in the General Catalog and the Student Conduct Code. At a minimum, violations will result in a grading penalty in this course and a report to the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services. We use manual, automated as well as analytical methods to detect violations.

SDC Students

The course policies for the SDC (Student Disability Center) students are based on the policies of the College of Natural Sciences. The deadlines applicable to regular students apply to SDC students as well. The instructor may permit a student to take midterm/final at the SDC.

Important information for students on COVID-19:

All students are required to follow public health guidelines in any university space, and are encouraged to continue these practices when off-campus(es). Students also are required to report any COVID-19 symptoms to the university immediately, as well as if they have potentially been exposed or have tested positive at a non-CSU testing location. If you suspect you have symptoms, please fill out the COVID Reporter (https://covid.colostate.edu/reporter/). If you have COVID symptoms or know or believe you have been exposed, it is important for the health of yourself and others that you complete the online COVID Reporter. Do not ask your instructor to report for you; if you report to your instructor that you will not attend class due to symptoms or a potential exposure, you are required to also submit those concerns through the COVID Reporter. If you do not have access to the internet to fill out the online COVID-19 Reporter, please call (970)491-4600.

If you report symptoms or a positive test, your report is submitted to CSU's Public Health Office. You will receive immediate, initial instructions on what to do and then you will also be contacted by phone by a public health official. Based on your specific circumstances, the public health official may:

  • choose to recommend that you be tested and help arrange for a test
  • conduct contact tracing
  • initiate any necessary public health requirements or recommendations and notify you if you need to take any steps

If you report a potential exposure, the public health official will help you determine if you are at risk of contracting COVID.

For the latest information about the University's COVID resources and information, please visit the CSU COVID-19 site (https://covidrecovery.colostate.edu/).

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