Laura Moreno
Office: CSB 458
Office Hours: Mon & Wed, 3:50pm - 4:50pm
Wei Xi
Office: TBA
Office Hours: TBA
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3:00pm - 3:50pm, Mon, Wed & Fri, Clark A 202

The objective of the course is to provide students with a working knowledge of the underlying foundations of object-oriented design and analysis and the current state of practice. Object-oriented analysis involves developing conceptual models of the problem domain of a software product. Object-oriented design involves developing models of the software solution to the problem clarified during analysis, and constructing programs that implement the design models. A fundamental objective of the course is for students to learn to think in terms of objects, so that they can identify the objects in a system and assign responsibilities to system components.

The topics covered in this course are listed below (subject to change, not in exact order, as time permits):

  • Java coding style and idioms.
  • Object-oriented analysis and design.
  • Problem analysis.
  • Conceptual modeling.
  • System behavior modeling.
  • Software architecture.
  • Design modeling.
  • Design patterns.
  • Refactoring.
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