CS 464 Getting to Know You Assignment (Assignment 1)

Due Jan 22 in class

  • Using the name card provided in lecture, write you First Name (or what you like being called) and your last initial large enough so that I can see it while lecturing. This is your first design assignment. Also, feel free to decorate the card as you wish.
    Bring this card to every lecture.
  • Hand in a 3"x5" card with a recent photo (a photocopy is fine) and your name at the top, the name that CSU uses for you below it, and your email address where you check mail regularly. Please also tell us the best way to communicate with you - email, class home page News section, etc.

  • You are required to purchase an iClicker remote for in-class participation. iClicker is a response system that allows you to respond to questions I pose during class, and you will be graded on that feedback and/or participation. In order to receive this credit, you will need to register your iClicker remote online within the first weeks of class. To do this, go to clicker.colostate.edu/registration.aspx. Login with your eIdentity eName and password. In the iClicker ID field, enter your remote ID and select the "Register" button. The remote ID is the number found on the back of your iClicker remote. iClicker will be used every day in class, and you are responsible for bringing your remote daily.