CS 464 Ethics Assignment (Assignment 2)

Due: Due January 27th in Canvas. This assignment is required for you to pass the class

The purpose of this assignment is give you an understanding of the procedures and ethics associated with working with human subjects. For this assignment you are required to complete the online training required by CSU's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

To complete the training:

  • Go to http://www.citiprogram.org/default.asp?language=english
  • Create an account using your CSU email address.
  • When asked to Select a group (Question 1) select "Group 2: Graduate Students, Faculty, Staff conducting SOCIAL/HUMANISTIC/BEHAVIORAL REASEARCH with human subjects" and for Question 2 select, "I have not previously completed an approved Basic Course" (last option).
  • Complete the required modules with a passing score.

What to Submit

  1. Once you have completed the online training, go to your accounts main menu. Save a copy of the completion report as a PDF and submit via Canvas (see image below).
  2. In a separate PDF file, answer the following microsurvey questions:
    • List 3 topics/concepts in the Ethics course that you understood.
    • List 3 topics/concepts that you had trouble understanding.