Project Proposals

Due Sat Feb 3 in Canvas


This assignment is intended to finalize project groups and ensure you have a project in which you have a high chance for success.


You should have already created a project group description in the previous assignment.

The critical part of this assignment is to decide on a group of users you know you will be able to interview and observe working. It is crucial that you have access to these people throughout the semester because you will repeatedly interact with them to understand how they work and how their workflow can be improved.

Make initial contact with your potential users to make sure you will be able to interview them, observe them as they work, and get their opinions on designs you create. You may want to show them the course's consent forms or send them an email (available on Canvas in the Files section) that contain more information about the project. They do not need to sign these at this time, but they will need to once you commit to studying them:

  • User consent form (PDF file available on Canvas in the Files section)
  • Manager consent form (PDF file available on Canvas in the Files section)


Your proposal submission must contain the following information:

  • Project members.
  • A description of your potential users. You must name specific people, not a class of people. For example, "We would like to study real estate agents at Terry Real Estate, where my uncle works", not "real estate agents". We want to make sure you will be able to work with these people.
  • A description of the likely tasks you will study. For example, "We will observe real estate agents as they work with the paperwork involved in the transfer of a property".
  • Whether you have made initial contact with the users you wish to study.
  • If you have not yet obtained agreement from your proposed user group, then you need to include 3 potential user groups in this proposal and the tasks you would like to study for each. In addition you MUST talk with the instructor about your choices and when you will be talking with each group.

Project Guidelines

Remember, you cannot study people in so-called special populations. These include the following:

  • Minors
  • Medical patients
  • Prisoners
  • Those with mental disabilities or who otherwise cannot provide informed consent

If in doubt, contact the instructor.