Term Paper Presentations - Friday, April 30th.

Three Powerpoint Slides

As we have discussed in class, each of you will have between three and five minutes to describe very briefly what you learned in the course of writing the term paper. In order to make these presentations move smoothly, I am asking that each of you prepare three slides using the precise format in the following PowerPoint file.

Those of you savvy with PowerPoint will notice that there is only one slide layout available - that is intensional and will make my job of assembling all your slides much easier. Please do add graphics as appropriate to your topic, and feel free to move the bullet list on the page. Please do not change the slide master formats themselves. Also try hard to avoid lengthy writing, and certainly do not go selecting smaller font sizes. Also, lets not attempt to include video since PowerPoint does not reliably encapsulate video content.

I need to receive these through email by 1:00PM Friday in order to assemble the package for our 2:00PM class period. Please do me the favor of naming your files as follows ‘TermPaperBeveridge.pptx’ where obviously you should substitute your last name for mine.

Also, be aware these will go up on the course website in the same general manner as the other lecture notes, so what you produce will have your name on it and will be publicly viewable. If there is some particular reason this might not be to your liking, please see me to discuss alternative plans.

Ross Beveridge, April 27th, 2010