Project 3: Separate the Cheese from the Grapes - Due Wednesday May 5th.


You are being given 8 images of cheese and 8 images of grapes. Find a number you can calculate based entirely, and only, upon the pixel values in these images, that separate cheese from grapes. You will submit your own that caculates the number you choose and you will submit a short - roughly one page - summary of your approach and well it does. Here are the images in a zip file.


Try to be clever, and not make this overly hard. You are not being asked for a general solution to the larger problem of cheese and grapes, and you have only 2 weeks. One restriction to note, do not use color. Another restriction, please do not get into discussions about what works and does not work with your fellow students - a major part of this assignment is experimenting with what you can measure and what might work. Feel free to ask questions in lecture and I will consider how much to say - and how much not to say.