In this assignment you are being asked to use OpenCV routines to quickly build a tracking and recognition system. When you are done, you will be able to hold up an object in front of your laptop camera and draw a rectangle around the object you are holding. Your system will then begin tracking the object and also being displaying the name of the object above the tracking box.


In this assignment you will make heavy use of two built in routines in OpenCV.

  • Tracker: This is a complete tracking capability that should be readily adapted to this task.
  • Template Matching: There is a template tracking routine built into OpenCV which will allow you to find the most resonsive template match in a frame of video.

You will create four templates, one for each of four named objects, in advance of running your tracking and naming system. The naming will be based upon the highest scoring template out of the four as applied to each successive frame of tracked video.


On this first assignment grading will be done based upon meeting with the instructor. Each PA02 team will pick a time (signup coming later) and meet with the instructor and present and discuss their solution. We will hold these meetings on the afternoon of Wednesday March 6.