CS 533: Database Management Systems (Fall 2019)

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The objective is to understand the theoretical underpinnings as well as the implementation techniques of the different components of a Database System, with special emphasis on Distributed Databases. The course will also touch upon Data Streams and Data Processing in Cloud Computing.
Lectures: M,W 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM at CSB 425.
Previous enrollment in CS 430 or Permission of the Instructor.



Introduction  Notes
Review of Query Processing (Ram. Ch. 12,14,15)
Review of Centralized Concurrency Control (Bern Ch.2,3,4,5)
Review of Centralized Recovery (Bern. Ch.6)
Distributed Query Processing (Ozsu Ch.6,7,8)
Distributed Concurrency Control (Ozsu Ch. 11)
Distributed Recovery (Ozsu Ch. 12)
Access Control in Databases (Ozsu Ch. 5) & Papers
Replicated Databases (Bern. Ch. 8, Ozsu Ch. 13) & Papers
Mobile Database Systems Papers
Peer-to-Peer Data Management (Ozsu Ch. 16)
Data Streams (Ozsu Ch. 18) & Papers
Data Management in Cloud Computing (Ozsu Ch. 18) & Papers
Lecture Notes will be posted on Canvas.
Class Participation 10%
Term Paper/Project  40%
Midterm I   25%
Midterm II 25%

A publishable quality term paper automatically gets you an A in the course.
A student can work on any topic of his/her choice but it must be approved by the instructor. Some suggestions:
Each student has to prepare a 15 minute presentation to the class describing his/her work. This includes time for questioning.
There is no late policy. Your project/term paper is due before class on the due date. The due date may be extended only under exceptional circumstances.
  • Exams must be taken individually.
  • All parties involved in cheating will be prosecuted no matter who copied from whom.
  • Please be aware of the departmental cheating policy.
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