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Big Data: Syllabus CS535
  Spring 2020
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Sangmi Lee Pallickara
Office: CSB Room 456
Office Hours: Friday 10:00 AM ~ 11:00AM and by appointment
Email: sangmi (at colostate dot edu)
Tel: +1.970.492.4153
Fax: +1.970.491.2466

Lecture Times and Location
Monday/Wednesday 4:00PM ~ 5:15PM  
CSB 130

Graduate Teaching Assistents

Paahuni Khandelwal
Office hours
CSB120: M/W/F 3:00PM ~ 4:00PM , Tues 12:00PM ~ 1:00PM
Online Office Hours: Monday 5:30PM ~ 6.30PM
Email Address: cs535{at}cs{dot}colostate{dot}edu

Mohamed Chaabane
Office hours (in CSB120)
CSB120: Wednesday 9:00AM ~ 11:00 AM
Online Office Hours: Wednesday 12:00PM ~ 1:00PM
Email Address: cs535{at}cs{dot}colostate{dot}edu

Storage, retrieval, analysis, and knowledge discovery using Big Data has made significant inroads in several domains in industry, research, and academia. In this course, we will look at the dominant software systems, models and algorithms for coping with Big Data. Topics covered include scalable computing models, large-scale non-traditional data storage frameworks including graph, key-value, and column-family storage systems; data stream analysis; scalable prediction models and in-memory storage systmes.


- Cluster based computing models for Big Data Analytics
- Batch and streaming computing models
- Peta-scale Storage Systems
- Machine Learning Models for Big Data
- Large scale Graph Analysis
- Large Scale Recommendation Systems and Social Media
- Algorithmic Techniques for Big Data

Research articles are listed in the schedule page.

Undergraduate level introduction to Big Data (CS435)

Important Dates
1/20 University Holiday (No class)
1/24 End Restricted Drop
1/26 End Add Without Override
2/05 Registration Closes: Last day for dropping courses without record entry, changes in grade option, and tuition and fee adjustment
3/14 Spring Break
3/23 Classes Resume
3/23 End Course Withdrawal ("W") Period
3/23 Repeat/Delete Deadline
5/08 Last Day of Classes: University Withdrawal Deadline

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