CS 551: Distributed Operating Systems
Bully Election Algorithm Example

Bully Election Algorithm Example

We start with 6 processes,
    all directly connected to each other.
Process 6 is the leader,
    as it has the highest number.

Process 6 fails.

Process 3 notices that Process 6 does not respond
    So it starts an election, notifying those processes
        with ids greater than 3.

Both Process 4 and Process 5 respond,
    telling Process 3 that they'll take over from here.

Process 4 sends election messages
    to both Process 5 and Process 6.

Only Process 5 answers
    and takes over the election.

Process 5 sends out only one election message
    to Process 6.

When Process 6 does not respond
    Process 5 declares itself the winner.

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