All assignments for the course are posted at the beginning of the semester

Here is the reading list of assigned papers.
  • Standing Assignment: read the papers Before each class meeting, you must read the assigned papers before coming to class and take notes. You must be prepared to discuss the papers in class. You should be spending about two to three hours per paper on this activity. Anything significantly less, and you will not be able to succeed in the class.

  • [HW0: due Friday August 30 @12:00 noon (class participation grade)]
    Read the papers assigned for the first class meeting for hints on how to read papers. Write two paragraphs describing how the suggestions are relevant to you. What are some things in those papers that you are already doing? What are some things you need to work on? Email the two paragraphs to Sanjay. Extra credit if you do this before the first class meeting.

  • Standing Assignment: paper reviews
    8 required, max 1 per week. You are required to turn in 8 reviews over the course of the semester. Only one review can be submitted each week that papers are being discussed in the class. Each review must be submitted via email to Sanjay before the class where the paper will be discussed. Preferred formats include text or pdf. lease see review requirements and example.

  • Paper presentation proposal (Due September 6th before class): Come to an agreement with instructor about paper you will present in class. These will be assigned on first-come-first-served basis. Send email to
  • Paper presentation: See the Paper presentation guidelines. Email slides to Sanjay at least 2 days before your presentation.
  • Preliminary project proposal and proposed tool example (Due September 13th): See overall project description.
  • Project proposal and completed tool example (Due September 29th): See overall project description.
  • Mini Research Exam Proposal (Due October 4th): See Mini Research Exam Description.
  • Verbal status report (Due October 18th): See overall project description.
  • Intermediate report (Due October 30th): See overall project description.
  • Mini Research Exam Write up (Due November 10th): See Mini Research Exam Description.
  • Final report and poster (Due December 13th): See overall project description. Final report can be submitted by 11:59pm on Thursday December 15th.