Sangmi Pallickara
Office: 456 CS Building

CS 793 is a research seminar in which graduate students attend research group meetings for specific research areas within the Department of Computer Science, and work one-on-one with a faculty member to conduct research in a specific area of computer science. The topic is chosen in consultation with the instructing faculty member. For M.S. students this should be your thesis advisor. You will learn research methods and produce (i) a report to be submitted to the instructing faculty member, (ii) a very short presentation in the department BMAC seminar (all students taking CS793 present in the same 50-minute slot) at the end of the semester and (iii) a poster to be presented at the Graduate Student Research Symposium, also at the end of the semester.

CS793 is also intended to help Ph.D. students prepare for the research exam, whose goal is to test students on the ability to synthesize prior research results, to identify limitations, connections, and open problems, and possibly suggest solutions. In this case, the paper/poster would include such a synthesis/open-questions component.

Welcome to Fall 2021 CS 793. The research group offerings are now posted (Ross 9/07/2021)

The Course Logo is derived from a picture from ShakataGaNai and distributed through Wikimedia Commons.