This assignment is intentionally simple. Please provide through the CT 310 public online note system a one line name and link to a website you consder most interesting, useful, creative. Etc. You will add your note to This Slide. You will be introduced to the online note system in the first lecture.

With over 50 students enrolled, this excercise should give us all a valauble glimpse of what on the web you all consider important.

A few simple rules.

  • You may not add to the notes system a site already on the list, and yes the list builds in essentially real-time while the note page is edtied.
  • You will follow the simple HTML format convention for list items.
  • You will be patient with this excercise if there are technical problems. The notes system has a simple approach to multiple people editing at once involving locking, if you get a message the notes are locked, please wait.
  • You will keep in mind that this is a world wider web page, meaning anyone in the world may view it! You are not playing beind a pay wall or otherwise in a protected arena. Therefore, consider what you post officially represented CSU despite what disclaimers I or you might make to the contrary. Be your own judge of appropriateness and know that the instructors be using their judgement as well.

Oh, one more thing.

  • Please once you start to edit a note, press the submit button even if you make no changes!.

When your browser shows you an editing window you own the lock for that note. If you then do not submit, for example you quit your browser. All the rest of us will remain lockedd out until someone forces the lock - and yes forcing the lock is an option.

To receve credit for this assignment you must make your addition before the start of lecture Friday January 20, 2017.