Recitation Project / Assignment #5

Session State Management

Due: Monday Mar 6, 2017 - 11:55pm

This assigment builds on Assignment 4, requiring you to implement Session State Management capabilities to your site. You will gain hands-on experience with handling user sessions.

Here are the requirements.

  • Create new Session persistent data
  • Experiment with different session names
  • Learn to inspect cookies on the browser
  • Introduce a page called ‘protected.php’ that will show a short Logged in message with username and last login time
  • Log out and close session

Process: the following would be one common thread of interaction with your site.

  1. Present the form
  2. User logs in
  3. Assign Session a name, start and destroy it based on user actions
  4. Navigate to protected.php
  5. User logs out
  6. Clear all session information
  7. Navigate to Login form page

Recitation will review the W3C pages on PHP Session Variabes as preparation for you to write your session management code in this assignment.

You will submit a single zip file "" with the required files. Submission will be through Canvas. Please host it on your CS account and provide the URL to your page as a comment during the Canvas submission.(Keep it different from last assignment URL)

To do this assignment, please use a text editor and type all the necessary tags by hands. Please do not use any web development application to create your login page. Your work will be tested with Chrome on department machines.


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