Assignment #8

AJAX & jQuery

Due: April 24, 2017 11:55 P.M

This assignment requires you to perform an AJAX jQuery call in order to retrieve and display an image. On the webpage you are to write for this assignment there will be a button "Load Image" and below your button an image. Upon clicking load image a new image will appear as the result of an AJAX call to a page that streams an image. This page is being provided to you:

The streams to your webpage a JSON encoded image. More specifically, Base64 encoded text conveying the contents of an image. Each time a user clicks on the "Load Image" button a new AJAX call is made and a new image is displayed. The image streamed to your page is chosen at random each time from and underlying pool of 10 images.

Before you consider yourself done with assignment, test that you have written a page that checks for failures in the process of retrieving the image. Breaking from normal good practice, do display failure information in order to provide visible feedback to the user describing the nature of the failure.

Each student is asked to create a single zip file containing their entire website. These must be submitted to Canvas before the due date and time. Your work will be tested with Chrome on department machines. Please host it on your CS account and provide the URL to your page as a comment during the Canvas submission.


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