Benjamin Say
Office: 256 CS Building
Office Hours: TH 1-2 (starting 2/22) ; F 10-11; BY APPT.
Aaron Pereira
Office: CSB 120 Lab
Office Hours: T/R 6-8p
Lecture Time and Place:
9:00-9:50, MWF, CSB Room 130
Recitation 1 Time and Place:
9:00-9:50, Tue, CSB 325
Recitation 2 Time and Place:
10:00-10:50, Tue, CSB 325
Recitation 3 Time and Place:
2:00-2:50, Tue, CSB 325

CT 310 is a one semester course on web development. Emphasis is placed on the essentials needed to create fully functional websites including rich graphical content and dynamic content. The course will cover HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and graphical content. Dynamic web pages will be developed using PHP and JavaScript. MySQL and SQLite are introduced for website data management. Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) is introduced for fine-grained client-server interaction. Students will develop their own dynamic websites able to manage authentication, transactions and user updates.

This course's web presence has a public side which you are viewing as well as a private side managed through CSU's Canvas system. General information concerning lectures, schedule, assignment posting, etc. are managed through the public side. Student specific information such as grading, quizzes, etc. are managed through Canvas.

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